Sound Baths and Yin Yoga

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What is a sound bath plus benefits/contraindications

Sound therapy-what is it?

I have discovered the amazing power of sound to shift stuck energy and my mission is to make it accessible to all of us. Whether you are young, old, rich, poor, a yogi, sportsperson or a company director, sound can help you-massively!

There is too much emphasis on the ‘hippy’ side of this transformative practice and it can make people dismiss it as ‘mumbo-jumbo. Sound is for everybody. Who hasn’t been touched by the ability of a song or piece of music to transport you to another place, another time and a distant memory?

Just as dance music creates a community of people in a space and time, with a sense of belonging and a common purpose, so a sound bath can do the same, but with the effect of calm and an overwhelming sense of wellbeing.

What is a sound bath?

Firstly, there is no immersion in water involved!

It is simply a room full of people lying on yoga mats with a cushion, blanket or whatever you may want to bring to feel comfortable. You don’t even need to be dressed in yoga gear, as long as you are comfy you can wear a dress, trousers or your favourite dress-down outfit.

The sound facilitator uses instruments to create a resonance or vibration in the ear and through the body which in turn creates balance and harmony in the mind and body. The Alpha and Theta brain waves that are stimulated during sound therapy can induce a meditative state just by lying down and listening to the sounds.

Some of the benefits of a sound bath:

Improved clarity and memory

Deep relaxation

Decrease in anxiety and depression

Better sleep

Lower blood pressure

Improved circulation

Being in a meditative state without the worry if you’re doing it right!

Some contraindications:

Please consult your doctor first if you are:

Less than 3 months pregnant

Have seizures of any kind

Have frequency-induced epilepsy

Suffer from schizophrenia or any psychotic, dissociative, depressive disorders.