Sound Baths and Yin Yoga

Thrive Wellbeing

Thrive in the Workplace

A regular Thrive yoga class or sound bath in the workplace is a perfect antidote to stress.

Menopause: If you would like to support female employees going through different stages of menopause I can offer a workshop specifically for this. I can also help shape a Menopause Workplace Policy which all employers should consider.

I can come to your office and teach a weekly 45-60 minute class of either simply yoga, a sound bath, or a combination of the two. Discount for corporate sessions.

My office-based sessions are perfect for raising employees happiness, productivity and brain power as well as lowering stress levels and helping to alleviate back and neck strain from sitting in a chair all day long.

These sessions can help not only with strengthening fitness levels amongst staff but also raising emotional well-being and staff morale.

A sound bath is perfect for all, and yoga classes are tailor-made according to the clients wishes.

Employees feel happier and a regular practice can help increase productivity as well as decrease sick days through better mental health and less stress.

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