Sound Baths and Yin Yoga

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About me

I am Natalie March, a UK-based wellness facilitator who has lived life to the full so far and intend to keep on doing so, with a bit of help from yoga, nutrition and sound therapy. As I have got older my yoga needs have evolved and I want women in middle-age to see that we can adapt yoga, breathing techniques and a smattering of knowledge about what is happening through perimenopause and beyond to make it work for us.

I love yoga and have been practising for over twenty years and learnt to teach in 2012. I also love the power of sound therapy.  My aim is to help bring both to the everyday, especially as sound therapy is still very much a mystery to most people.

I am truly passionate about embracing life and it is my mission to inspire others to take up the attitude that Life Starts Now!

We can all be Midlife Muses if we want to, and Thrive is going to help us along the way, with workshops and retreats centred around the menopause and living your next life.

There is so much we can do to ease our path and my intention is to support people as much as I can.

We all have such a lot to give in terms of experience, love and wisdom, so please come with me on this wonderful adventure and get your friends to join our growing community.

My qualifications include 200 hour DHY yoga training, Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation Teacher Training with Sarah Powers, Menopause Yoga Teacher Training with Petra Coveney, Internationally certified Sound Practitioner training through Thyme with Charlie, Stress Management and Relaxation Teacher Training from SMART Foundations Mindfulness Institute.  I am also a fully qualified school teacher with a PGCE from Canterbury Christchurch University.

I have also been a local community councillor and an events and VIP manager. But my passion has always been as teacher, facilitator, and coach, and so Thrive is the vehicle to use my skills to support other like-minded people along this road we call life!