Sound Baths and Yin Yoga

Thrive Wellbeing

Sound baths and mindfulness for difficult times

Sound baths can really benefit those who are terminally ill or in hospital. They can also help older people in care homes and also people who may be struggling with their mental health (which is all of us at certain times of our lives). Sound therapy can help ease anxiety and lower stress levels, as well as helping aid sleep and relaxation.

A 1-1 or group sound bath can be hugely beneficial and regular sessions bring much calm to people who may not know where to turn.

I can also help teach simple methods specifically to help people at this difficult time of their life. Using mindfulness techniques that are easy to remember and intended to be used daily at home to help with anxiety we can work through the emotional difficulties together.

As well as mindfulness I have also devised some very simple Yin Yoga postures that can be held for a few minutes; this can help re-establish good energy flow through the body, much like acupuncture but without the needles.

Please contact me for information on facilitating monthly workshops and support groups that people can attend without worry or judgement, in a safe and comfortable environment.

If you would prefer an individual session this can also be arranged. Sometimes mindfulness can help family members too, and this is why loved ones are also welcome at these sessions.