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The journey to Thriving for Midlife Muses!

I am a true believer in the old saying that “Age is just a number’.

But what we need to do is change society’s view’s about aging too, particularly in the Western culture.

My eldest child, a daughter, has recently turned 18 and is a woman now, but still a naive and innocent child in lots of ways. I am now 50 and got to contemplating these two different phases in a woman’s life.

I guess it is these two very distinct milestones in a woman’s life, at 18 and 50, that got me thinking and observing the way society views these two significant birthdays and the years between them.

Lately I have noticed more and more that each time I go out with her it is she who catches people’s eyes, not me as used to happen even a couple of years ago. Not that I am looking for that sort of approval, but it is strange how it is youth, not experience, that is captivating in this culture. 

I have just returned from a trip to Ibiza with my boys, and it was strange how old I felt whilst sitting on the beach or around the pool; again, I felt almost invisible, just a dowdy older woman amongst a sea of beautiful young things. I was almost apologetic for this in my head, justifying why youth is always victor over maturity, no matter whom the subject is and what they have achieved.

Why should I feel that way? 

Why do I feel that way?

Is it me and my ‘menopausal’ angst and insecurities, or is this a product of a society that values only youth, and places no worth on age, experience or maturity?

The answer to this last question, I believe, is a mixture of all three of these factors. Unfortunately, here in the Western world, we seem to live in the ‘Love Island’ generation, the stuff of nightmares, where the main occupation appears to be attending the gym 7 days a week, or pouting in a mirror whilst painting layers of cosmetics on your (what would be) naturally beautiful face.

So I feel obliged to help to change this, to challenge the modern perspective, to question why we should all be guilty in some way of feeding this belief that we are only beautiful, and therefore worthy of love and adoration when we are in the throes of youth.

I also feel we should be educating women about the stages of the menopause, and allowing this taboo subject to become normal so that by the time the next generation are at the ‘third stage’ in their lives, they will know what to expect through the peri, meno and post menopause.

(Although this blog is aimed at older women, I am doing this as much for my children’s generation as for mine, so that they can reach beyond the superficiality of their life and delve into real lives, real people, and appreciate that true beauty and emotional freedom lies in knowing and learning to accept yourself whatever your age.

Yes, we all want to look good, there is nothing wrong with that, and of course if you feel good about how you look you will be more confident, but this is not something that should take over your life, but just be a part of it.

We want to feel good!

That is the reason I am starting some Thrive Midlife Muses workshops and for this I now set out my intentions…

Midlife Muses seeks:

To empower older people (and women in particular)

To facilitate discussion around the menopause and start fun, educational and interesting communities of like-minded women going through all the ups and downs of this incredibly important time in their lives

To encourage women to be truthful to themselves, to celebrate their age and inherent beauty

To create a community of people from 40 upwards who still feel young, still ARE young, who want the world to appreciate older beings and the contribution that we make to the world.

In addition to this, and on a lighter note, I will be sharing ideas on fashion, lifestyle, wellbeing and travel, and hope that you will follow me so that we can share our journeys together.

So please, take a seat, grab a drink, and come with me…