Sound Baths and Yin Yoga

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Midlife Muses

The journey to Thriving for Midlife Muses! I am a true believer in the old saying that “Age is just a number’. But what we need to do is change society’s view’s about aging too, particularly in the Western culture. My eldest child, a daughter, has recently turned 18 and is a woman now, but Continue reading »

Breathing your stress out…

Recently I attended a breathing workshop in London. I wasn’t sure what to expect but had high hopes after reading the glowing reviews on the website; I wasn’t disappointed. There were lots of us there, a mixture of young people in their twenties to a handful of those in late middle-age, men and women, and Continue reading »

For all those “yoga-curious” people out there…

If you have often wondered about trying a yoga class, yet something has always stopped you, please think again. Whether it be yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates, there is a class to suit you, and it’s not so far away… Yoga is for everybody, fat or thin, rich or poor, black or white, young or Continue reading »

Let Us Unite, Not Divide, Oh Yoga Snobs!

Let’s begin by stating that I am most definitely not a Yoga Snob, (the definition of which will become clear as this article unfolds.) I love yoga. I have been practising yoga for 12 years, and it has become a large part of my life. I am a yoga teacher, I read about yoga, I Continue reading »

Baloo was a genius!

I have just watched The Jungle Book with my children, the first time I have seen it as an adult. Having always loved the film as a child it holds lovely memories for me, being happy receiving a Disney vinyl album as my main Christmas present in the 70’s, sitting in my dining room listening Continue reading »